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About Us

Who are we?

Brand Stylists are a team of strategists, graphic designers, and social media experts. We have over 10 years experience designing  and 5 years experiences in our niche area which is lifestyle, fashion, hair and beauty brands.


We pride ourselves on creating superior brand identities for female owned businesses.

Whether you already run your own business or aspire to start one, Brand Stylists provides the confidence, support and industry expertise you’ll need to successfully grow a business.

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Why us?

Supported by a remote team of boss women, we are able to provide services like web design, social media management, copywriting packaging and brand design.

Brand Stylists are a creative studio in your pocket, the digital girl squad you can count on!

Maybe you’re sick of the 9-5 taking you away from your family, maybe you’re ready to launch a side-hustle that could become a life-changing opportunity to work on your own terms, or maybe you’re already running a side-hustle that just needs a little kick up the bum... either way, you’re in the right place! 

Getting to know your business and playing a huge part in the launch of it, is something that we’ll never take lightly. The service we offer intends to go beyond just how things “look” and start with connecting with YOU.


Whether we’re talking about why you do what you do, who inspired you to start, your biggest influences, what makes you tick, or what your biggest hopes and dreams are, The Brand Stylist team relish in learning all about you, so that you truly feel were part of your team!

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